Recommended equipment and gear for plein air painting

This list is just a guide. Ultimately, the equipment you use, is entirely up to you.
Safety should always be the first consideration.

pochade box 

Pochade Boxes

Pochade boxes come in many different shapes and sizes. The most popular style is the "clam-shell", which is a box that contains a palette on the inside, and whose lid opens to become your panel holder. Usually, it stands supported by a removable tripod.

french easel

French Easel

One of the most popular easels that has been used for decades. The French easel is portable and folds up into a wooden box that can carry much of your supplies.



It's a good idea to have a plein air umbrella. They provide cover from rain and also provide shade on those bright sunny days. There are several styles and colors available. Some have poles that stick in the ground while some attach directly to your easel system. Some have a reflective outer coating with a black colored interior, while others are a cool white.